Line annotations for syntax checkers for Gerrit

pip install gerrit-check==0.1.1


gerrit-check -- static code analysis to Gerrit comments

TLDR: Turn cpplint / cppcheck / flake8 messages to Gerrit comments

Many projects use Gerrit for code-reviews and in addition use static code analysis tools to report about the quality of the code in review. For example, Jenkins comes with a nice integration of Gerrit, there is no suitable way to generate line-by-line annotations of the output of static code analysis tools for Gerrit.

This project allows you to transform the output of the tools: cppcheck, cpplint and flake8 into line by line comments in Gerrit.


This is as easy as:

sudo pip install gerrit-check


The typical usage for this project is to use in conjunction with a continuous integration server that runs for example pre-commit checks on a particular Gerrit change set.

gerrit-check -g \
    -t cpplint \
    --user jenkins \
    --commit ${GIT_HASH}

This will run cpplint on the modified files and lines identified by the GIT_HASH and submit a review on this patch to the Gerrit instance identified in the arguments.

If access to the Gerrit server is not directly possible, the -l option will force the output to be written to stdout so that it can be saved and post-processed.

In a similar way to the above described simplication the script could be used as follows:

gerrit-check -t cpplint --commit ${GIT_HASH} \
    | ssh gerrit review ${GIT_HASH} --json


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