Microsoft Gestures SDK

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pip install gestures==0.1.0



This repository contains C# code samples demonstrating how to use the Project Prague hand gestures SDK. For a quick introduction to programming with our SDK, please visit our overview page on In order to build and run the code samples provided in this repository, you must first set up Project Prague on your machine. Note that you will need an Intel® RealSense™ SR300 camera to enable our gesture detection runtime.

Code Samples

After cloning this repository, please open the Microsoft.Gestures.Samples soulution in Visual Studio. You will find 5 projects in this solution. Each project is a stand-alone code sample that can be built and run independently of the other projects. The table below lists the samples ordered from the least to the most advanced:

Sample Use case What will you learn?
RotateSample Rotate an image by 90° Create a simple gesture made up of two hand poses
VideoPlayerGestureControl Pause and rewind audio\video playback Create a gesture made up of a sequence of multiple hand poses and a hand motion
RockPaperScissors Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against an invincible bot Create a gesture made up of multiple hand poses connected in a complex structure
GesturesPowerPointPlugin (requires Office Tools for Visual Studio) Create and present a slideshow in PowerPoint using gestures Create multiple simple gestures and wire them to activate various PowerPoint features
CarGestures Control a virtual car's infotainment-system with gestures Create a complete WPF UI with multiple gestures of varying complexity


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