Find branches in a remote github repository

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pip install gfb==0.9b4


gfb - Find Branches in Github

gfb is a command line utility that allows the user to search for branches in a remote github repository. Branches are specified as a standard Python regular expression pattern. If the search is started from within a directory that's part of a local git repository, the user is presented with the option to check out the matching branch.


pip install gfb

Depending on your local python environment, you may need to specify the python3 version of pip:

pip3 install gfb

Basic Usage

gfb [-h] [--repo REPO] [--config CONFIG_FILE] [--setup] regex

positional arguments:
  regex                 branch regular expression

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
   --repo REPO           name of github repository to search
   --config CONFIG_FILE  gfb configuration file
   --setup               create a new default configuration file

For example:

gfb feature/

Will find all the braches that contain the text feature/ in their name.

If the gfb command is executed from within a directory in a local repository (and a specific repository is omitted), the user will be given the option to fetch and checkout the desired branch, for example:

1. feature/a
2. feature/b
3. feature/c
4. feature/d
5. feature/e

Enter the branch number to checkout or 'X' to exit:

Selecting 2 will fetch and checkout the branch named feature/b. Any uncommitted changes that exist will be stashed and named something like gfb-<timestamp> where <timestamp> is the current date and time in iso8601 format.

You can specify any remote repository for which you have access to view by providing the --repo option and providing the repostory name in addition to the branch pattern:

gfb --repo apple/swift '^stdlib-'

Returns all the branches in Apple's swift repository that start with the text stdlib-.

gfb requires that you have proper Github credentials. These credential are read from a configuration file. The default file is named .gfbrc and is located in the user's home directory. by specifying the --setup flag, gfb will guide the user through creating a new configuration. You can provide either an Github api key, or a valid Github username and password. The preferred method is to use an api key. You can create an api key or personal access token from the Developer Settings in your Github account. The configuratioon fill wll be created with owner read/write access and will warn you and refuse to run if group or world read access is enabled.

The source for this project is available here


If you've installed gfb on macOS sierra or greater and are running Python 3.6, you'll need to install the SSL certificates for the SSL libraries that are baked into python. To do so:

cd /Applications/Python\ 3.6/
./Install\ Certificates.command

Change into the Python 3.6 directory in Applications and run the Install Certficiates.command script.