Command-line application to get or set github commit status.

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pip install ghstat==0.3.1


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This command-line application is mainly for continuous build and integration environments. It allows providing all of the details necessary to mark the status of a commit. For pull requests, it may read "All is Well" or "Merge with Caution" with an optional hyperlink to the CI build server, and optional description of the build failure.

This is done using the Github v3 API.

This is not a very serious package, there are not any plans to advance it further. It was authored because existing github python client packages such as pygithub3 did not offer the ability to communicate with the 'statuses' api endpoints, and it is preferred to provide well-readable command-line arguments in the build script than to use curl directly.


The stable version of this package is maintained on pypi, install using pip:

pip install ghstat

Generate a personal access token,, enabling scope repo:status and public_repo or private_repo, respectively.

Use this token for the --token parameter, or as the environment variable GITHUB_APP_TOKEN


Failing a build on set --token 0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d \
              --commit 72b74be0de46392a05d8f470b64272b8036e63f8 \
              --user jquast --repo ghstat --state success

Retrieving the status of a commit as json data to stdout: get --token 0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d \
              --commit 72b74be0de46392a05d8f470b64272b8036e63f8 \
              --user jquast --repo ghstat

Linking to a private bamboo and github enterprise account: set --token 0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d0d \
              --commit 0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a0a \
              --user jquast \
              --repo ghstat \
              --state success \
              --description 'build successful' \
              --target-url '' \
              --base-url ''


githubdate: Same thing, only it uses an .ini file instead of cmd-line parameters.


  • For descriptions of length greater than 140, truncate and emit a warning to standard error. It will be changed to a length of 140 ending in text marker `` (...)``.
  • Support python 3
  • Support token as environment value GITHUB_APP_TOKEN
  • Resolve IndexError when retrieving status for a commit without any.
  • Initial release to pypi