A small systray app for git annex assistant.

pip install git-annex-gui==0.2.1



v0.1 - how far with qml only

  • [x] Add icon to systray. Use the git annex icon.
  • [x] Open/close the webview window by clicking the systray icon.

v0.2 - settle on language and delivery

  • [x] Port c++ part to python?
  • [ ] Find out how to publish/deliver app.
  • [ ] Publish to pypi and publich gitlab/github.

v0.3 - basic features

  • [x] Implement start with git-annex assistant --autostart
  • [x] Implement stop with `git-annex assistant --autostop
  • Implement open annex dir in file explorer. Use xdg-open?
    • What about BeOS style file navigation in the systray sub-menu?

v0.5 - desktop integration

  • Forward notifications to desktop notification system?

v0.6 - in-app documentation/assistant

  • ssh-agent for pw-less login
  • key handling
  • remote central repo


REST interface

Check the routes file in the git-annex repo (under assistant/webapp) to get an understanding about the REST interface.