a command line tool for downloading repositories and gists

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pip install github-dl==0.1a9



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github-dl is a lightweight command line tool for downloading repositories from and gists from github-dl has been tested on python 2.7.12 and python 3.5.2.


The project was recently added to PYPI. Feel free to submit an issue if there are any issues with downloading via the command below...

pip install github-dl

Installation (Development)

Install the project by downloading the project as a zip file or cloning the repository. After downloading the source, run the following command to install in the root directory of the project...

pip install -e .


github-dl's functionality is currently fairly limited, but the following functionality is supported

usage for both commands

command line argument/option functionality
--help list arguments/options for tool
--username github username for credentials
--password github password for credentials
--token github token for credentials
--config directory to a configuration file

usage specific for $ github-dl

command line argument/option functionality
queries query for filtering github repositories
destination directory to download repositories to


Download all machine learning related notebooks matching a criteria:

  • $ github-dl 'machine learning language:jupyter-notebook size:<1000' github-notebooks --config=config.json

usage specific for $ gist-dl

command line argument/option functionality
sources list of github users accounts to download gists
destination directory to download gists to
--extension file extension to download ex: ipynb


Download all public jupyter notebooks:

  • $ gist-dl gist-notebooks --config=config.json --extension=ipynb

Download a specific user's public jupyter notebooks:

  • $ gist-dl cameres gist-notebooks --config=config.json --extension=ipynb