github flow release

pip install githubflow-release==0.0.3


generic git release script

The script performs a git release of a project

The Release process is very simple, it merges a development branch (usually called 'master' or 'dev') to the release branch (usually called 'release'). After the merge the release branch is tagged with the new version number.

release process

A changelog can be created using github pullrequest merged since last release.


pip install githubflow_release

Script usage

To know all the parameters use the --help option.

since for a project some options need to be consistent, you can create a gitflow_release.yml in the root directory of your project to give some default values. The values are overridden if given in the command lines.

example of gitflow_release.yml:

# configuration of my project release
# used by
github_repo: CanalTP/my_project
base_branch: master
generate_debian_changelog: False
excluded_pr_tag: [hotfix, not_in_changelog, my_tag]

With nice defaults for you project, to do a release you can just do:

cd my_project;
githubflow_release --release-type minor

github might be limiting your access to their API. If so you need to provide some github credential.

if so either generate a custom token (the best way) or use your own github password (DO NOT PUT it into you configuration file):

githubflow_release --release-type minor --github-user 'my_github_login' --github-token 'my_github_custom_token_or_password'