A restful web service for querying the repository sizes of a GitLab registry.

Git, GitLab, Docker, Registry, disk, capacity, RESTful
pip install gitlab-registry-usage-rest==0.3.2




GitLab-Registry-Usage-REST is a package that periodically collects repository information (names, tags, sizes) of a GitLab registry server and offers the data via a secured RESTful HAL api. For the initial authentication a LDAP server is needed. Subsequent queries are secured by JSON Web Tokens (JWT).


The latest version can be obtained from PyPI:

pip install gitlab-registry-usage-rest
gitlab-registry-usage-rest --help

or from DockerHub:

docker run sciapp/gitlab-registry-usage-rest:latest --help

or from the AUR for Arch Linux based systems:

yay -S gitlab-registry-usage-rest


Gitlab-Registry-Usage-REST needs a configuration file in order to run. The default path is /etc/gitlab_registry_usage_rest.conf but can be altered with the -c command line switch. To get started, you can run

gitlab-registry-usage-rest --print-default-config

and edit this default configuration to fit your environment.

If you would like to use the docker repository, you can bind mount a local configuration file with the -v switch:

docker run -v "$(pwd)/gitlab_registry_usage_rest.conf:/etc/gitlab_registry_usage_rest.conf" sciapp/gitlab-registry-usage-rest:latest

Note: Docker expects an absolute path for the local configuration file.

The server offers these api endpoints:

  • /auth_token: Accepts a request with basic auth (and valid LDAP credentials) and returns an auth token for further api usage. All other endpoints only accept requests with a valid Bearer authorization header:

    Authorization: Bearer <token>
  • /repositories: Lists attributes of the repositories collection. Currently, only the timestamp of the last data refresh is contained:

        "timestamp": 1521796487.7021387
  • /repositories/<repository_name>: Queries attributes of a specific repository:

        "name": "scientific-it-systems/administration/gitlab-registry-usage-rest",
        "size": 39899199,
        "disk_size": 39898911
  • /repositories/<repository_name>/tags: Endpoint for the collection of repository tags, currently without any content.

  • /repositories/<repository_name>/tags/<tag_name>: Lists attributes of a tagged image stored in a repository:

        "name": "latest",
        "size": 39899199,
        "disk_size": 39898911

Additionally, all api endpoints (except /auth_token) offer an _embedded and a _links attribute if requested with the query string:


Instead of a boolean value, the embed key can also take an integer number to only request a specific level of embedded resources.

Links can be used to easily navigate between related resources. Embedded resources are convenient to query a complete hierarchy of resources with one GET request. Accordingly, the request


returns all resources at once.