talk with git

git, audio, gittalk
pip install gittalk==0.1.0



Imagine you are working on a hack, and you just pushed some code. Instead of yelling to your teammates and letting them aware of the changes, wouldn't it be cool to have the computer say it out loud for you?


  • 11/22/2013 (v0.1.0): Initial version that works for commit message only


$ pip install gittalk

Or, to install from source:

$ git clone   
$ cd gittalk
$ python install 


The file requirements.txt contains all other dependencies I've used while working on gittalk, though most of them are not needed in running this program.

Pyttsx will also install its own dependencies.

Doesn't work?

Most likely, the installation for pyttsx failed. Check out and see if any previously raised issues there are helpful. Unfortunately, I've only tested this on Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit, so it might not work as expected on Windows/OSX...

Please let me know of any other errors you might run into, thanks!

Features and Usage

  • Make a git commit as usual. Then type gittalk on the terminal. The last commit message should be said out loud. :D

  • ... More to come!


This is still pretty basic, and is mostly my attempt at playing with different TTS (text-to-speech) packages in Python, as well as learning how to structure a proper Python package and share it via Pip.

That said, I do plan to extend it further and make this even more fun and useful. Please send me a pull request if you would like to contribute. Suggestions/criticism/advice are all welcome!