A simple command to manage all your git clones

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pip install giwyn==0.4



Giwyn (for Giwyn is what you need) is a software to manage all your git clones, stored in your own computer.
Giwyn will scan your computer to search all .git directories, to list them in an hidden configuration file (.giwyn, in your HOME directory) and allows you to manage all of them with one simple command.



  1. First time, let giwyn scan your computer from a specific directory (like ~ for your HOME directory). This step can take a while...
  2. After that, you can use some commands to specify what giwyn has to do : list all your git projects and their properties, to verify if your commits has to be push, etc...

If you don't ask to Giwyn to scan your repository again, Giwyn will work only on git repositories saved in the hidden configuration file.
Also, if Giwyn see that a git repository is deleted, he will automatically remove the link from the hidden configuration file.


  • --help, -h : print the help
  • --scan, -s : scan your entire repository from your HOME directory, or another specified directory, and append the result of this command in the hidden configuration file
  • --rescan, 'R : replace data in your hidden configuration file by the result of the scan from your HOME directory, or another specified directory
  • --pull, -p : pull all your clean git repositories
  • --push, -P : push all your clean git repositories
  • --version, -v : version of the software (for pip)
  • --debug, -d : allow the debug mod


With pip3 : sudo pip3 install giwyn, or sudo pip3 install giwyn --upgrade if you already have giwyn


If you want to store your username and password for each git repository, make sure to add this command for each one : git config credential.helper store

Main developer

Carette Antonin


  • John Doe


Carette Antonin - antonin.carette[at]gmail[dot]com