Pure-Python bindings to glibc (based on ctypes)

pip install glibc==0.6.1


Pure-Python bindings to glibc (based on ctypes)


  • Free software: LGPLv3 license
  • Works on python 2.7+ and python 3.2+ and pypy
  • Currently exposes 23 low-level glibc functions (see below), 10 data types and 118 constants. All useful glibc features are in scope (patches welcome!)
  • from glibc import ... -- direct access to glibc constants, functions and types via lazy imports, fast startup, low memory overhead, efficient calls to glibc
  • Translates error codes according to documentation (manual pages) of each supported function. Raises OSError with appropriate values and a customized, easy-to-understand error message.
  • Uses declarative "bindings", easy to verify for correctness, easy to add more types, functions and constants. Built-in tests verify the value of each constant, size and offset of each structure / union field and the size of the whole structure / union.
  • Adds high-level abstractions on top of raw functions (, pyglibc.signalfd, pyglibc.selectors, pyglibc.pthread_sigmask, pyglibc.pipe, pyglibc.subreaper) so that using them is easier and more pythonic.
  • This code is entirely optional and users can still call the low-level C-equivalents directly.
  • Where possible, existing Python APIs are followed so that glibc_select and glibc_selectors are drop-in replacements for the select and selectors modules from Python's standard library.


The following glibc functions are supported

clock_getres(2) clock_gettime(2) clock_settime(2) close(2) Same as os.close() dup(2) Same as os.dup() dup2(2) Same as os.dup2() dup3(2) Same as os.dup(flags=) epoll_create(2) Similar to select.epoll() epoll_create1(2) Similar to select.epoll() epoll_ctl(2) Similar to select.epoll.{register,unregister,modify} epoll_pwait(2) epoll_wait(2) Similar to select.epoll.poll() eventfd(2) eventfd_read(2) eventfd_write(2) pause(2) pipe(2) Same as os.pipe pipe2(2) prctl(2) pthread_sigmask(2) read(2) Unlike, this one makes no copies sigaddset(3) sigdelset(3) sigemptyset(3) sigfillset(3) sigismember(3) signalfd(2) sigprocmask(2) timerfd_create(2) timerfd_gettime(2) timerfd_settime(2)