Matching paths against globs

glob, fnmatch, matching
pip install globmatch==2.0.0


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globmatch - Matching paths against globs

globmatch provides functions for matching a path against one ore more glob patterns in Python. This differs from the glob module of the standard library, which matches a glob against the file-tree on your system. globmatch does not interact with the filesystem at all, but relies on generic matching. It also differs from the fnmatch module of the standard library in that it accepts the double star (**) element, which matches zero or more directories. Additionally, the star element (*) in fnmatch will also match across path separators. In globmatch the star element matches zero or more characters of the current path element (directory/file name).


Install globmatch with pip:

pip install globmatch

or for a development install:

pip install -e git+


from globmatch import glob_match

# Some paths that match (returns True):
glob_match('.git/gitconfig/', ['.git'])
glob_match('foo/config', ['**/config'])
glob_match('foo/config/bar', ['**/config'])
glob_match('.git/gitconfig/', ['.git', '**/config'])
glob_match('foo/config/bar', ['.git', '**/config'])
glob_match('/.git/gitconfig/', ['**/.git'])

# Some paths that do not match (returns False):
glob_match('/.git/gitconfig/', ['.git'])   # Needs ** to match subdir of root dir
glob_match('foo/node_modules', ['node_modules'])   # Will not match subdir without preceding **


Install the develop install with test requirements:

pip install -e globmatch[test]

To run Python tests locally, enter on the command line: pytest

Install the codecov browser extension to view test coverage in the source browser on github.


All code is licensed under the terms of the revised BSD license.