Python Library to generate statistics on a Gene Ontology (GO) release

GO, Gene, Ontology, annotation, stats, changes, GOLR, statistics
pip install go-stats==1.1.3



Compute statistics and changes for both the GO ontology and annotations at every release.

The following details each folder of this repository:



This is the python package that is used to compute statistics over go annotations. You can read more here.

GO Notification System

The code checks the release date in the main pipeline (http://current.geneontology.org/metadata/release-date.json) and when the date changes, it triggers a secondary pipeline by publishing a message in a specific topic (SNS) and update the release date on the secondary pipeline

GO Store Changes

The code loads the GO obo file (http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/go.obo) and compare the terms of the new release to the previous most recent release.

GO Update Statistics

The code send queries to GOLr to fetch statistics about the GO annotations (e.g. per aspect, per species, per group etc)

GO Update GO-CAMs

The code compute a number of views over the GO-CAMs data (e.g. models, gene products, go terms, etc) using the GO SPARQL endpoint.

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