The streaming access to the Google ngram data.

pip install google-ngram-downloader==4.0.1


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The Google Books Ngram Viewer dataset is a freely available resource under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License which provides ngram counts over books scanned by Google.

The data is so big, that storing it is almost impossible. However, sometimes you need an aggregate data over the dataset. For example to build a co-occurrence matrix.

This package provides an iterator over the dataset stored at Google. It decompresses the data on the fly and provides you the access to the underlying data.


  • Download ngrams of various length and languages.
  • Access to part of ngrams, e.g. ones that start with an 'a'.


pip install google-ngram-downloader

The command line tool

It also provides a simple command line tool to download the ngrams called google-ngram-downloader. Refer to the help to see available actions:

google-ngram-downloader help
usage: google-ngram-downloader <command> [options]


 cooccurrence  Write the cooccurrence frequencies of a word and its contexts.
 download      Download The Google Books Ngram Viewer dataset version 20120701.
 help          Show help for a given help topic or a help overview.
 readline      Print the raw content.

Example use of the API

>>> from google_ngram_downloader import readline_google_store
>>> fname, url, records = next(readline_google_store(ngram_len=5))
>>> fname
>>> url
>>> next(records)
Record(ngram=u'0 " A most useful', year=1860, match_count=1, volume_count=1)