Deep Dream generator in Keras (Guild AI)

pip install gpkg.keras.deep-dream==0.6.0.dev1


Guild AI Packages

This is the active source repository for Guild AI managed packages.

Each sub-directory represents a package. Refer to each package for details.

Packages are built and deployed by members of the Guild AI package team. They're available for installation using the Guild AI command line application. See Installing packages below for details.


Installing packages

To use a package, you must install it first using guild install.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Guild AI:

$ pip install guildai --upgrade

Verify your installation:

$ guild check

If you know the name of the package you want to install, install it by running:

$ guild install PACKAGE

For example, to install the slim.resnet package, run:

$ guild install slim.resnet

Finding packages

To find a package, browse this repository or use guild search:

$ guild search TERM

Getting package information

Once a package is installed, you can read more about it by running:

$ guild help PACKAGE

To see a list of models available in the package, run:

$ guild models PACKAGE

To see a list of operations available in the package, run:

$ guild operations PACKAGE

Running package model operations

Packages are primarily used to distribute models. You can run a model operation in Guild AI this way:

$ guild run MODEL:OPERATION [FLAG...]

MODEL is one of the models in the installed package and OPERATION is the model operation you want to run.

To get help on a particular operation, run:

$ guild run MODEL:OPERATION --help-op

Getting help

If you have questions about Guild AI packages or are facing problems with a particular package, please open an issue at