Helper for dataflow based programming

pip install grapes==0.5.0



A simple library for dataflow programming in python. It is inspired by pythonflow but with substantial modifications.


The core grapes module depends on networkx, which can be found on PyPI and is included in the Anaconda distribution.

For TOML support, tomli is needed before python 3.11 (in python 3.11, tomllib is part of the standard).

To visualize graphs, matplotlib and pygraphviz (a wrapper for Graphviz) are also needed. On Windows, pygraphviz requires the Visual Studio C/C++ build tools to be installed (including MSVC tools), alongside Graphviz 2.46 or higher, which should be in PATH. This is explained in detail in the official guide of pygraphviz.

Finally, pytest is needed to run the tests.


grapes is available on PyPI. Install it from there with

pip install grapes

Otherwise you can install from source. Move to the root directory of the grapes source code (the one where is located) and run

pip install -e .

The -e flag creates an editable installation.

Note that the dependencies related to graph visualization are not installed automatically and should be installed manually as explained in the Dependencies section.


Future plans include:

  • Better explanation of what grapes is.
  • Usage examples.
  • Better comments and documentation.

Authorship and License

The bulk of grapes development was done by Giulio Foletto in his spare time. See LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt for details on how grapes is distributed.