Script to download music

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pip install grattify==0.2.3



Grattify ##Requirements:

  • HomeBrew (OS X Package Manager):

  • FFMPEG (audio converter, to convert between different audio formats):

    • brew install ffmpeg
  • Pip (comes with homebrewed python, use 'homebrew install pip' if using default python)

    • NOTE: if sudo needed to pip install packages its because default os x python being used. To avoid this, brew install python alongside it, and add /usr/local/bin to the beginning of paths file (/etc/paths)
  • And Grattify!:

    • pip install grattify

##Basic Commands:

  • grattify

    • Shows you list of possible commands
  • grattify -spotify mySpotifyUsername

    • Brings you to the spotify login page, then downloads your spotify playlists
    • If you only want to download certain playlists, specify them after your username: 'grattify -spotify myUsername "my playlist 1" "my playlist 2" ... '
  • grattify -song "the beatles" "come together"

    • Download a single song by providing the artist and song name
  • grattify -album "the beatles" "abbey road"

    • Download a whole album by providing the artist and album name
  • grattify -top 18 "the beatles"'

    • Download the top N songs by an artist by providing the number N and the artist
  • grattify -file "songList.txt"'

    • Download songs listed on a text file. The file can contain 3 types of lines:
      • artist - song (must be hyphen separated, shouldnt need quotes around * artist or song)
      • album: album - artist
      • top 16: artist