GridRoyale - A life simulation for exploring social dynamics

ai, hacktoberfest, keras, machine-learning, python, q-learning, reinforcement-learning, tensorflow
pip install grid-royale==0.3.0



Marley is a framework for multi-agent reinforcement learning. It lets you design a game and run experiments with multiple AI-powered agents playing that game.

Marley isn't ready for use yet; it works for my research purposes, but I haven't yet made the work needed to make it easy to understand for others. If you're still interested in using it, feel free to read the code or email me for help.

I hope to make Marley easier to use soon.


View the live version here!

GridRoyale is a life simulation. It's a case study that's bundled with Marley.

GridRoyale is similar to Game of Life or GridWorld, except I added game mechanics to encourage the players to behave socially. These game mechanics are similar to those in the battle royale genre of computer games, which is why it's called GridRoyale.

How to run GridRoyale


$ pip install marley

Run the server:

$ marley grid_royale demo

This will automatically open a browser window and show you your simulation.