Easily map Python functions onto a cluster using a DRMAA-compatible grid engine like Sun Grid Engine (SGE).

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pip install gridmap==0.15.0



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A package to allow you to easily create jobs on the cluster directly from Python. You can directly map Python functions onto the cluster without needing to write any wrapper code yourself.

This is the ETS fork of an older project called Python Grid. Unlike the older version, it is Python 2/3 compatible. Another major difference is that you can change the configuration via environment variables instead of having to modify a Python file in your site-packages directory. We've also fixed some bugs.

For some examples of how to use it, check out map_reduce.py (for a simple example of how you can map a function onto the cluster) and manual.py (for an example of how you can create list of jobs yourself) in the examples folder.

For complete documentation read the docs.

NOTE: You cannot use GridMap on machines that are not allowed to submit jobs (e.g., worker or edge nodes).



Thank you to Max-Planck-Society and Educational Testing Service for funding the development of GridMap.


See GitHub releases.