A python package for GW-EM Followup Optimization

pip install gwemopt==0.0.72



Gravitational-wave Electromagnetic Optimization

The code currently can:

  • interact with gracedb, download the skymaps, read them etc.
  • read telescope configuration files with location, FOV, limiting magnitude, exposure times, etc.
  • create the tiling based on telescope configuration (MOC, Shaon's method).
  • generate exposure time as a function of tile, which accounts for number of hours available.
  • perform scheduling to include most of the requested exposures
  • test the efficiency of the tiling, exposure time method choices, for a given lightcurve.

Current planned improvements / open questions:

  • Include moon and sky brightness when scheduling
  • How to improve scheduling when multiple (and different numbers of exposures are expected)
  • How to use WAW when inclination is not immediately available
  • How to include distance estimates as function of sky location in PEM

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