Add-on for OpenAI Gym that supports automatic downloading of user environments.

pip install gym-pull==0.1.7



Gym Pull is an add-on for OpenAI Gym that allows the automatic downloading of user environments.

Note: This package is not longer actively maintained.

List of All Environments

Installation ============

gym-pull should be downloaded through pip with the command: pip install gym-pull

To run the add-on, you need to import gym, and then gym-pull:

.. code:: python

  import gym
  import gym_pull
Basic Usage ======

The basic syntax for pulling a user environment is

.. code:: python

  import gym
  import gym_pull

The repo github_username/github_repo must be a valid pip package.

Alternatively, you can

  • specify a branch, tag, or commit using the "@" syntax. gym_pull.pull('')

The downloaded environment will be registered as USERNAME/ENV_NAME-vVERSION. You can then make the environment using the gym.make() command.

Listing Installed Environments ======

You can list all installed environments by running gym_pull.list().

Alternatively, you can view all user environments installed by running [env for env in gym_pull.list() where '/' in env].