A helper utility for easy SSH connection to machines on Hamachi

hamachi, ssh, config, hostname, update, ip
pip install hamachi-ssh==1.1



for Linux and OSX

LogMeIn Hamachi is a simple, excellent VPN solution. The clients for Linux and OSX expose a commandline interface. hamachi-ssh is a utility that uses information from the client to update your SSH config file, so you can SSH to your remote machines on the network using their Hamachi names. For example, if the machine's name is battlestation, instead of checking its IP and using that you can simply do:

ssh user@battlestation

There are other ways in which the config file makes your life with SSH simpler. Check out DigitalOcean's article for more.

Installation and usage

Install via pip, the Python package manager:

pip install hamachi-ssh

To update your SSH config file, just do:


By default, it updates the config file at ~/.ssh/config. If you want another path, pass it as the argument to the command.

The main purpose of hamachi-ssh is to keep your Hamachi IPs in the config file updated, since they can change frequently. If there are new clients on the network, hamachi-ssh will generate new simple entries for them as well.