A GTK interface to the hamster time tracker.

hamster-gtk, floss, gnome, gtk, gui, python, time-tracker
pip install hamster-gtk==0.11.0



A GTK interface to the hamster time tracker.

IMPORTANT At this early stage hamster-gtk is pre-alpha software. As such you are very welcome to take it our for a spin and submit feedback, however you should not rely on it to work properly and most certainly you should not use it in an production environment! You have been warned.


To Run the Testsuite

  • make
  • xvfb

First Steps

  • Install dependencies (on debian if using virtualenvwrapper): apt-get install virtualenvwrapper python-gi gir1.2-gtk-3.0 libglib2.0-dev libgtk-3-dev. If you use python 3, you will need python3-gi instead.
  • Create new virtual env: mkvirtualenv hamster-gtk
  • Activate env: workon hamster-gtk
  • Activate system site dirs: toggleglobalsitepackages. Otherwise you will have no access to Gtk.
  • Install hamster-gtk: pip install hamster-gtk.
  • Run the little furball: hamster-gtk

Some notes: * Preference changes will only be applied at the next start right now. * Exported data is tab seperated. * This is pre-alpha software!

News: Version 0.11.0

This release introduces refines various aspects of your Hamster-GTK experience. Whilst we introduce no new major dialogs (just a simple about-dialog). We catch up with the lastest version of hamster-lib, 0.12.0. The most noteworthy change for user is probably the ability to use whitespaces with your Activity.name. Besides that we fixed some rather anoying bugs as well as continued to refine the codebase. All in all, while still not big on features, this release should feel much more stable and reliable. This is not the least due to multiple contributions by jtojnar, thanks for that! As ususal, for more changes and details, please refer to the changelog. Happy tracking; Eric. `