A website generator for software artisans

generator, Markdown, ReStructuredText, Textile, python, static-site-generator
pip install handroll==3.1



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Website development is a finely crafted art.

You need simple. You know what you're doing. You don't want to waste time.

handroll knows you are the boss. With one command, you gracefully blend your theme and content into one precise result.

$ pip install handroll
Successfully installed handroll
$ handroll build site

Just the facts

handroll walks your website source (i.e. site as shown above), copying everything that it can find. When it encounters:

  1. anything ending in .md, the file will be read, the first line of the file will become the title, and the remainder will be converted from Markdown into HTML to become the content. title and content will be combined with a template to produce the final HTML file.
  2. any other "known" extension will be handled by a corresponding composer. handroll works with Markdown, reStructuredText, and Textile out of the box.
  3. a template (either template.html or anything in templates), the file will be skipped.

Everything else

Check out the feature list to see if handroll meets your needs. If not, please tell us with a GitHub issue or on the mailing list.

All the other stuff you may be interested in regarding handroll (e.g., writing a plugin for your favorite markup language) is found at Read the Docs.

If you want to share some ideas or find announcements, check out the Google Group.

handroll is BSD licensed and tested on Linux and OS X.

Get Involved

Bring an idea to the table! Implement it in a fork or submit an issue to have some discussion about it.

handroll needs a better identity. If you're a web developer or designer, please consider helping with a logo.

Translators can join the fun by translating at the Transifex project. Additional translation details are in thetranslation documentation.

Want to write some code? Running these commands should set up your environment with all the tools you need to contribute.

$ # Start from the root of a handroll clone.
$ virtualenv venv                            # Create your virtual environment.
$ source venv/bin/activate                   # Activate it.
(venv)$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt  # Install developer tools.
(venv)$ pip install -e .                     # Install handroll in editable mode.
(venv)$ nosetests                            # Run the test suite.