A way of visualizing a heat map of a git repo

git, visualize, heatmap
pip install heatwave==1.2.1




A tool for displaying a visual representation of your git history.

Heatwave generates a heat map of your git commits, similar to how GitHub's heat map looks. View all commits or a single user's commits for the past year or previous years. Now in stylish red and green colors it makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Behold the beauty of command line graphics!

Wicked Cool Graphic!


You will probably need to install an environment tool to manage different version of pythons. After you are on Python 3.7+ then install Pip to most easily install heatwave.

Install PyEnv first

Install Pip second


I always vote for the easy way, but do what you want I guess...

Recommend Way

The fastest way to install heatwave is with pip.

pip install heatwave

Manual Way

To install this manually clone this repo and then install the dependencies using pip:

git clone https://github.com/james-stoup/heatwave.git
cd heatwave
pip install -r requirements.txt


View All Committers

View repo stats for all committers:

$ heatwave /path/to/my/repo -a

All Commits

View All Committers For Several Years

View 3 years worth of commits:

$ heatwave /path/to/my/repo -a -y 3

3 Years of Committs

View A Specific Committer

View stats on a particular committer:

$ heatwave /path/to/my/repo 'James Stoup' 

One User

View Number of Commits

View number of commits a user made, instead of color:

$ heatwave --status-type number /path/to/my/repo 'James Stoup'

One User By Numbers

Other Options

View Contributors

List everyone who committed to this repo:

$ heatwave /path/to/my/repo -l

Verbose Mode

View detailed stats on a particular committer:

$ heatwave -v /path/to/my/repo 'James Stoup'

Get Everything on Everyone

View detailed stats on everyone going back 10 years

$ heatwave /path/to/my/repo -v -a -y 10