Python Hekr IoT API bindings

Hekr, API, Wisen, Smart, Devices, IoT
pip install hekrapi==0.3.0-rc2



Hekr API library written in Python

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The module provides interfacing with Hekr-enabled devices and accounts, exposing them as interactable objects.

Documentation is available within code (will be generated into devdocs with more comments in the future), and a reference implementation (integration for HomeAssistant automation system) is available on GitHub: alryaz/hass-hekr-component

In its current state, the module supports:

  • Local device communication (tested with a single device type only)
  • Cloud device communication with account login (tested with a single device type only)
  • Protocol skeleton (example provided for a Smart Power Meter in hekrapi/protocols/
  • Command exchange (transparent JSON operation is supported)

Should you be willing to contribute to the project, create a forked version of it.
More devices will be added upon discovery of such. Please, contact me on Telegram (@alryaz) or message me via E-mail ( if you find one, so we can work out a possible solution to add support for it.