bugzilla plugin for helga

irc, bot, bugzilla
pip install helga-bugzilla==1.3.2


A Bugzilla plugin for helga chat bot



Helga is a Python chat bot. Full documentation can be found at http://helga.readthedocs.org.

This Bugzilla plugin allows Helga to respond to Bugzilla ticket numbers in IRC and print information about the tickets. For example:

03:14 < ktdreyer> bz 1217809
03:14 < helgabot> ktdreyer might be talking about
                  [[TRACKER] SELinux support]

The bot can also search external trackers. This allows you to find BZs for other systems' tickets. For example:

03:14 < ktdreyer> what bz is http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/16673 ?
03:14 < helgabot> ktdreyer, http://tracker.ceph.com/issues/16673 is
                  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1422893 [[RFE] rgw: add suport
                  for Swift-at-root dependent features of Swift API]

This uses a Red Hat Bugzilla extension.


This Bugzilla plugin is available from PyPI, so you can simply install it with pip:

pip install helga-bugzilla

If you want to hack on the helga-bugzilla source code, in your virtualenv where you are running Helga, clone a copy of this repository from GitHub and run python setup.py develop.

Optional: URL Configuration

In your settings.py file (or whatever you pass to helga --settings), you can specify a BUGZILLA_XMLRPC_URL. For example:

BUGZILLA_XMLRPC_URL = 'https://bugzilla.redhat.com/xmlrpc.cgi'

(If you do not specify this setting, the plugin will use txbugzilla's default URL, which is Red Hat's bugzilla.)

You can also specify a URL format:

BUGZILLA_TICKET_URL = "https://bugzilla.redhat.com/%(ticket)s"

The %(ticket)s format string will be replaced with the bug number. Since the underlying library (txbugzilla) already constructs these web URLs for bugs automatically, you probably don't need to add this setting to helga. It's only necessary if your custom Bugzilla requires some other URL scheme.

Optional: Authenticated access

By default, Helga only reads tickets that are publicly accessible. You may optionally give Helga privileged access to Bugzilla and allow Helga to read private bugs by setting up a python-bugzilla credential:

$ pip install python-bugzilla
$ bugzilla login
(enter your username and password)

(Use bugzilla --bugzilla=https://bugzilla.example.com/xmlrpc.cgi login here if the XMLRPC URI is not the default, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/xmlrpc.cgi)

This bugzilla login command will save your login credential to .bugzillatoken. When this is set, Helga will be able to read private bugs with using the permissions of the user to whom the API key belongs.

Note: This authentication feature can expose private information (ticket subjects) about your Bugzilla bugs. If you use this feature, be sure that the networks to which Helga connects are restricted. Everyone in Helga's channels will see the private information, so the assumption is that they already have rights to read the private bugs.