Collaborative RPG consisting of user driven content

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pip install helga-quest==1.1.0



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Collaborative RPG base on user driven content


Include light rpg mechanics in a user generated world. One may add mobs or actions the mobs can take. Users can go serious/pure fantasy or more comical in content.


A high level view of commands below, quest allows users control over content including mobs and their actions: ` !quest (action|adventure|attack|mob|rest) `

` !quest mob add '{"name":"Assault Shaker", "hp":1, "level":1, "xp":60}' !quest mob remove '{"name":"Assault Shaker"}' ` Helga adds/removes mobs with the specified stats/parameters

` !quest action add '{"name":"Assault Shaker", "description":"{name} peppers {target} for {dmg} damage", "attack":5}' ` Helga adds/removes actions (which maps to specific mobs with the 'name' attribute) to a pool of randomly selected behaviors each round

` !quest adventure helga> You've encountered a Assault Shaker! ` Initiate the beginning of an adventure/encounter. Currently a single enemy is selected and scaled to around the power of the hero.

` !quest attack helga> You strike for 1 damage, Assault Shaker peppers Hero for 5.9 damage" ` Execute an attack against the enemy! Eventually actions should be available to heroes, however right now it is lame and not supported.

` !quest rest ` Takes a short break to restore health outside of combat.


Copyright (c) 2015 Jon Robison

See included LICENSE for licensing information