Users plugin for Helga

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pip install helga-users==0.0.2


A user plugin for helga chat bot


Helga is a Python chat bot. Full documentation can be found at http://helga.readthedocs.org.

This user plugin allows Helga to respond to user-related commands in IRC and print information about users from LDAP.

03:14 < ktdreyer> helgabot: user adeza
03:14 < helgabot> adeza is in Remote US GA
03:14 < helgabot> ktdreyer, it's 5:14pm for adeza (2:00 ahead of your
                  America/Denver timezone)


This users plugin is available from PyPI, so you can simply install it with pip:

pip install helga-users

If you want to hack on the helga-users source code, in your virtualenv where you are running Helga, clone a copy of this repository from GitHub and run python setup.py develop.


In your settings.py file (or whatever you pass to helga --settings), you must specify a LDAP dict. For example:

LDAP = {
    'host': 'ldap.corp.example.com',
    'basedn': 'dc=example,dc=com',

helga-users assumes that this LDAP server host is listening on TCP 389 and supports STARTTLS.


Some ideas...

We should be able to support more user information sources besides LDAP (for example, GitHub).

Some type of stronger authentication for users. Integration with NickServ or IRC ops?

Self-service storage of user credentials for other plugins, using a protected web form?