Flask webservices enabling usage of hepdata-converter as a separate server over the network

pip install hepdata-converter-ws==0.2.0


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Simple Flask Web Services wrapper in Python 3 for hepdata-converter.

It allows running the hepdata-converter as a web service on top of the Flask micro web framework.


This web service provides one method which accepts GET JSON requests. The accepted format is as follows:


[GET] /convert  (application/json)
input: Base64 encoded tar.gz file containing hepdata-converter-ws-data entry (directory / file)
id: str used for caching purposes (same input files have to have same ID), not implemented?
options: dictionary with options accepted by hepdata_converter.convert function. The most important are:
         input_format: (input format identifier e.g. yaml, oldhepdata, etc.)
         output_format: (output format identifier e.g. yaml, root, yoda, csv, etc.)
         other options are dependent on the input / output format and are documented in their respective parsers / readers
         in https://github.com/HEPData/hepdata-converter


The response has MIME type application/x-gzip and is a tar.gz file containing the hepdata-converter-ws-data directory with the requested file / files.

API Usage

It is recommended to use the hepdata-converter-ws-client library to interact with this web service, as it provides easier calling and more transparent usage.