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pip install herd==0.0.3.dev2


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Herd is an in-progress, easy-to-use framework for management of small-scale server clusters in pure python. Tools like puppet, chef, ansible seem to target more large-scale systems, and in my experience aren't great for getting some small, dead simple machines and apps going.

In addition, Herd aims to provide a simple framework for creating and handling your nodes across multiple cloud providers, to help limit and manage your server costs. :)

While in theory, Herd can do anything SSH can manage, it aims to provide one good strategy for everything, to eliminate complicated configs.

Getting started

  • pip install herd

  • Create a basic config file:

      path = "/path/to/rsaprivatekey"
      password = 'rsa_key_passphrase'
      token = "MY_PRIVATE_TOKEN"
      provider = 'digitalocean'
      server_count = 1
      max_monthly_cost = 5
      ssh_keys = ["RSA_KEY_FINGERPRINT"]
      region = 'sfo1'
      image = 'ubuntu-14-04-x64'
  • herd up cluster_name --config path/to/config (default ./config.toml)

  • herd info cluster_name

  • herd install cluster_name git