A Python interface to the Have I Been Pwned API

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pip install hibp==0.0.5


Have I Been Pwned?

Python interface to Have I Been Pwned API

What is Have I Been Pwned?

Have I Been Pwned is a free resource to quickly assess if an account or domain has been compromised or "pwned" in a data breach. By aggregating the data here the project helps victims be aware of account compromises, and highlights the severity of the risks of Internet-wide attacks. For more information on who, what, and why, click here.




This library runs on Python3.x+

To install, run:

$ pip install hibp

To run

You can query breach data on individual accounts/domains as well as data on full breaches. Each service request object contains a response attribute that holds the raw data output in JSON format. To perform a query, just setup a service request object, and then execute:

>> req = HIBP.get_account_breaches("pegasos1")
>> req.execute()
>> req.response

If you want to query on multiple accounts or domains at once, you can use the AsyncHIBP object, which performs queries concurrently via gevent.

>> names = ['adobe','ashleymadison', 'myspace']
>> breaches = [HIBP.get_breach(x) for x in names]
>> async_reqs = AsyncHIBP().map(breaches)
>> [async_req.response for async_req in async_reqs]

In addition to a canonical map method, AsyncHIBP also supports the imap method, which returns a generator object for lazy queries.

>> domains = ['twitter.com','facebook.com', 'adobe.com']
>> breaches = [HIBP.get_domain_breaches(x) for x in domains]
>> async_reqs = AsyncHIBP().imap(breaches)
>> next(async_reqs)