A workflow wrapper for Hivemind

workflow, tasks
pip install hivemind-plus==0.4.4


Hivemind Plus

Hivemind Plus is a Python library to assist with the creation of instances and processing of results on the Hivemind platform. Before you use this library you will need to register for an API key via the website.


$ pip install hivemind-plus


In order to use Hivemind Plus you must create an instance configuration, a result configuration or both. Each type of configuration ships with a ConfigBuilder class which helps you to assemble your configuration.

Instance Configuration

from hivemindplus import instance

instance_config = (
        .with_connection_string('DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=DB;') # ODBC style connection string
        .with_query('SELECT PeopleId, FullName FROM dbo.People') # Query to drive instances
        .with_key('PeopleId') # Column name to use as unique identifier for an instance
        .with_name('FullName') # Column name to use as a human readable identifier
        .with_tags(['FullName']) # (Optional) Columns to tag instances with
        .with_instructions('instructions.md', ['FullName']) # (Optional) Template markdown file and values
        .with_schema('schema.json', ['Id', 'FullName']) # (Optional) Schema template json file and values
        .with_qualifications_query('SELECT PeopleId, Qualification FROM dbo.Qualifications') # (Optional) Query for qualifications

Result Configuration

from hivemindplus import result

# Executed for every agreed upon result
def output_fn(res):
    print('Output function')

# Custom agreement function that compares two results
def agreement_fn(a, b):
    return a['data'] == b['data']

result_config = (
        .with_connection_string('DRIVER={SQL Server};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=DB;') # ODBC style connection string
        .with_instance_table('dbo.InstanceResults') # (Optional) Override default name of instance results table
        .with_iteration_table('dbo.IterationResults') # (Optional) Override default name of iteration results table
        .with_output_function(output_fn) # (Optional) Function to execute on agreed upon result
        .with_agreement_function(agreement_fn, 0.51) # (Optional) Function to determine agreement
        .with_max_iterations(5) # (Optional) Max number of iterations to retry agreement checking with

Workflow Configuration

from hivemindplus import workflow

flow = (
        .with_api_url('https://client.sandbox.hvmd.io/api') # URL of the API
        .with_api_key('API-KEY') # Personal API key
        .with_task_id(0) # Task that you want to manage
        .with_instance_config(instance_config) # (Optional) instance configuration
        .with_result_config(result_config) # (Optional) result configuration
        .with_auto_submission() # (Optional) submit task if not already submitted

# Start the workflow


A full set of examples can be found in the /examples directory.


To begin development, you will need to install all the required development packages.

$ pip install .[test]

All the source code resides within the /hivemindplus directory and the tests can be ran from the project root directory as shown below.

python -m pytest