python package to compute finite-amplitude local wave activity (Huang and Nakamura 2016, JAS)

pip install hn2016_falwa==0.2.1


Python Library: hn2016_falwa (v0.2.0)

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Compute Finite-amplitude Local Wave Activity (FALWA) introduced in Huang and Nakamura (2016) and Huang and Nakamura (2017) from gridded climate data.


The functions in the library can also be used to compute the tracer equivalent-latitude relationship proposed in Nakamura (1996) / Allen and Nakamura (2003) and the (zonal mean) finite-amplitude wave activity in spherical geometry as in Nakamura and Solomon (2010).

Please check the documentation page for more details.


This current version works in both Python 2.7 and 3.6. To install from the source:

git clone
cd hn2016_falwa
python install

Bugs have been fixed since the release. To clone the version with bug fixed (on test branch):

git clone -b test

Changes will be merged in the next updated version.

There are two interfaces for this library. One is the developer interface; the other is the object-oriented interface, which is a wrapper for the basis functions in the developer interface.

Developer Interface

The developer interface contains separate functions that users can alter the inputs more flexibly. Functions are added upon users' request on new functionalities to test hypotheses (also see the test branch). The developer interface consists of 4 types of functions:

  • The basis functions are smallest unit of functions that make up the wrapper functions and object-oriented interface.

  • The wrapper functions implement particular analysis tasks for published work/manuscripts in preparation

  • The utility functions compute general quantities, such as static stability or quasi-geostrophic potential vorticity that are not specific to the finite-amplitude wave theory.

  • The beta-version functions include utilities that are not fully documented but has been used in research.

Sample Script Description
Example_barotropic.ipynb It reads in a sample datasets "", which contains absolute vorticity field snapsnots from a barotropic decay model (Held and Phillips 1987). It computes both the equivalent-latitude relationship (e.g. Nakamura 1996) and local wave activity (Huang and Nakamura 2016) in a global domain.
Example_qgpv.ipynb It reads in a sample datasets", which contains zonal velocity and QGPV field at 240hPa derived form ERA-Interim reanalysis data. Similar to fig. 9 in Huang and Nakamura (2016), a hemispheric domain is used here.

Object-oriented interface

The object-oriented interface is an easy-to-use interface that takes in the climate field and coordinates as the attributes of an object, and implement the wrapper functions above as methods.

There are two classes in the interface, BarotropicField and QGField - the latter is under development for more methods. Please refer to the example/ directory:

Sample Script Description
oopinterface_example_BarotropicField.ipynb Same as Example_barotropic.ipynb.
oopinterface_example_QGField.ipynb Same as Example_qgpv.ipynb

Inquiries / Issues reporting

Please make inquiries about / report issues with the package on the Issues page. If you need help analyzing output from particular model/analysis with our techniques, feel free to email me with sample datasets and I can configure the code for you.