Library for accessing Hologram Cloud at https://hologram.io

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pip install hologram-python==0.9.1



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The Hologram Python Device SDK provides a simple way for devices to connect and communicate with the Hologram or other IoT platforms. You can activate, provision, send messages, receive inbound access connections, send/receive SMS, and setup secure tunnels.

The SDK also supports networking interfaces for WiFi in addition to Cellular in the spirit of bringing connectivity to your devices.



You will need ppp and Python 3.7 installed on your system for the SDK to work.

We wrote scripts to ease the installation process.

Please run this command to download the script that installs the Python SDK:

curl -L hologram.io/python-install | bash

Please run this command to download the script that updates the Python SDK:

curl -L hologram.io/python-update | bash

If everything goes well, you’re done and ready to use the SDK.

Directory Structure

  1. tests - This contains many of Hologram SDK unit tests.
  2. scripts - This directory contains example Python scripts that utilize the Python SDK.
  3. Hologram - This directory contains all the Hologram class interfaces.
  4. Exceptions - This directory stores our custom Exception used in the SDK.

You can also find more documentation here.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions/concerns.