Turns HTTPolice into a web server

httpolice, http, lint, linting, tool
pip install hpoliced==0.0.4



HTTPolice-devtool is a lint-tool for the HTTP.

It intercepts and sends the HTTP headers from your browser to a server running httpolice where they are analysed, and a detailed report is sent back to the browser where it's displayed.


You can install the extension (in chrome browser) from Chrome Store. You should also consider running a local server (more on that below)


alt text

Run your own server

The server is available in PYPI. To install and run it, simply run

pip install hpoliced

hpoliced This will try to run the server at port 8080

hpoliced -p <PORT NUMBER> To run the server at a different port

Now change the server URL in the extension (see below)

The extension is set to use a remote server by default, which can be easily changed to use one that runs on local computer.

  1. Find and click on H in the top right corner of Chrome toolbar.
  2. Select Options from under the menu. This will show a box where you can set your own server address.

Build (Optional)

To build the extension locally, run these commands

$ git clone https://github.com/activesphere/httpolice-devtool.git
$ cd httpolice-devtool
$ npm install
$ npm run build

This will build the extension under builds directory. Follow this guide to install it in Chrome as an unpackaged extension.