A tool to rip galleries from ehentai, r34.xxx, danbooru.donmai and hitomi.la

pip install hscraper==1.1.3



A web scraping tool to rip galleries from Ehentai, Danbooru, R34 and hitomi.la.

A HUGE NSFW WARNING: None of these pages could be considered suitable for work nor school.

  • I made this as both, practice and as an utilitarian tool for myself (lel).
  • It works as a common CLI that lets you save galleries to your hard drive easily.
  • It Supports Batch downloads from a 'txt' file with links (must specify number of pages too).
  • Finally usable.
  • It requires click, requests and beautiful soup 4 to work.
  • Made in Python 3.


As easy as:

pip install hscraper

It'll also install dependencies if you don't have them already.


  • hscraper [OPTIONS]
  • -b: To set a txt with links in it, give it the path to it. Overrides -u,-p and -f. It must be url, page and [skip_form] per line.
  • -u: To set the url to the gallery.
  • -p: The number of pages to download. Defaults to 1 if not set.
  • -f: Sets from which page to skip from. (To download from page -f to page -p).
  • -o: Output directory for the gallery.
  • -w: Wait time between downloaded image (just in case, so you don't get ip banned from nowhere). Defaults to 3.0 second if not set.
  • -r: The number of retries given an http request. Defaults to 3 if not set.
  • -x: Sets time between retries. Defaults to 3.0 if not set.
  • --help: HALP!

And that's it folks.