Django huey extension which supports multiple huey queues.

django, django-extensions, huey
pip install hueyx==0.1.1



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A django extension to run huey with multiple queues. Multiple queues allow tasks to not block each other and to scale independently. Only the redis storage is supported.


Install it with

pip install hueyx

Add hueyx in your installed apps.


Compared to djhuey, hueyx allows several queues to be defined in the

    'queue_name1': {
        'connection': {
            'host': 'localhost',
            'port': 6379,
            'db': 0,
        'consumer': {
            'workers': 1,
            'worker_type': 'thread',
    'queue_name2': {
        'connection': {
            'connection_pool': ConnectionPool(host='localhost', port=6379, db=1)
        'consumer': {
            'multiple_scheduler_locking': True,
            'fire_enqueued_event': True,
            'workers': 2,
            'worker_type': 'thread',

The settings are almost the same as in djhuey. Have a look at the huey documentation to see the exact parameter usage.


  • You can only configure redis as storage engine.
  • The name and backend_class parameters are not supported.
  • The options multiple_scheduler_locking and fire_enqueued_event have been added. See below.
from hueyx.queues import hueyx

Define which queue you want to use.
They are predefined in
HUEY_Q1 = hueyx('queue_name1')
HUEY_Q2 = hueyx('queue_name2')

def my_task1():
    print('my_task1 called')
def my_db_task1():
    print('my_db_task1 called')
def my_task2():
    print('my_task2 called')

@HUEY_Q2.periodic_task(crontab(minute='0', hour='3'))
def my_periodic_task2():
    print('my_periodic_task2 called')
    return 1
Push task to queue
from example.tasks import my_task1, my_db_task1, my_task2

my_task1()  # Task for queue_name1
my_db_task1()  # Task for queue_name1
my_task2()  # Task for queue_name2
Run consumer

Consumers are started with the queue_name.

./ run_hueyx queue_name1

Additional settings


multiple_scheduler_locking has been added to support multiple huey schedulers. If you run huey in a cloud environment, you will end up running multiple huey instances which each will schedule the periodic task. multiple_scheduler_locking prevents periodic tasks to be scheduled multiple times. It is false by default.


fire_enqueued_event has been added to better support the huey-exporter. Additionally to the default huey events, hueyx emits EVENT_ENQUEUED when a task has been enqueued. This allows to calculate the queue length on Prometheus. It is by default false.