Download your Humble Bundle library

cli, download, archive, humblebundle
pip install humblebundle-downloader==0.4.0


Humble Bundle Downloader


Download all of your content from your Humble Bundle Library!

The first time this runs it may take a while because it will download everything. After that it will only download the content that has been updated or is missing.


  • downloads new and updated content from your Humble Bundle Library on each run
  • cli command for easy use (downloading will also work on a headless system)
  • works for SSO and 2FA accounts
  • optional progress bar for each item downloaded (--progress flag)
  • optional cookie generation script
  • optional filter by file types using an include or exclude list (--include/--exclude flag)
  • optional filter by platform types like video, ebook, etc... (--platform flag)


pip install humblebundle-downloader


1. Getting cookies

First thing to do is get your account cookies, they will be used later to download the files.
There are 2 ways to get your cookies: manual or scripted.

Method 1: Manual

Use this method if you know how to get cookies from your browser after you are logged in.
Once you have your cookies, save them to a text file named hbd-cookies.txt in this format:

Method 2: Scripted

WARNING: This method may not work on all systems!
Requires: Chrome and a desktop-like environment (not headless).

Run the command below to open a chrome window. After you login, the cookies will automatically be saved to a text file and the window will close.
hbd gen-cookies --cookie-file hbd-cookies.txt

2. Downloading your library

Use the following command to download your Humble Bundle Library:
hbd download --cookie-file hbd-cookies.txt --library-path "Downloaded Library" --progress

This directory structure will be used:
Downloaded Library/Bundle Name/Bundle Item.ext


  • Inside your library folder a file named .cache.json is saved and keeps track of the files that have been downloaded. This way running the download command again pointing to the same directory will only download new or updated files.
  • Use --help with all hbd commands to see available options
  • Find supported platforms for the --platform flag by visiting your Humble Bundle Library and look under the Platform dropdown