Humilis kinesis stream processor plugin

pip install humilis-kinesis-processor==1.3.7


Kinesis event stream processor

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A humilis plugin to deploy a Lambda function that maps events in a Kinesis event stream using a list of Python callables.


pip install humilis-kinesis-processor


Assuming you have virtualenv installed:

make develop

Configure humilis:

.env/bin/humilis configure --local


Unit tests

To run the local test suite:

make test

Integration tests

Before running the integration test suite you need to set a few deployment secrets using the command:

s3keyring set [group]/[STAGE] [key] [secret]

In group humilis-kinesis-processor the following secrets need to be set:

By the default, the integration tests will deploy on a stage called DEV so the command to set the Sentry DSN is:

s3keyring set humilis-kinesis-processor:DEV sentry.dsn [SENTRYDSN]

To run the integration test suite:

make testi

The command above will deploy a Kinesis processor to your AWS account, and will also create additional resources (such as several Kinesis streams) needed to test that the deployment was successful. Once deployed, the integration tests will run, and once they have completed the test environment will be destroyed.

If you do not want the test environment to be destroyed after tests have completed you should run instead:

make testi DESTROY=no

You can also modify the name of the deployment stage by setting the STAGE environment variable. For instance, to deploy to a TEST stage:

make testi STAGE=TEST

More information

See humilis documentation.


If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, etc. please create an issue on the GitHub project page.


This software is licensed under the MIT license

See License file

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