A frugal python package with some hyperspectral data goodies.

pip install hyperspectral==0.1.8


This is a frugal python package with some hyperspectral data goodies. The whole source, including tests, can be found on github.

How to install

The setup script is build atop distutils, so you can read the official documentation for installation instructions.

To summarize, you can install via pip or via the setup script :

pip install hyperspectral


python setup.py install

How to publish

Copy .pypirc to ~/.pypirc. Fill out the password field. (ask me !)

python setup.py sdist && twine upload dist/*


If you run setup.py, you'll need distutils too.

Testing Dependencies

You don't need those unless you're running the test suite.

Hyperspectral Cube

A wrapper for 3D data with two spatial dimensions and one spectral dimension. It extends astropy.nddata.NDData and makes a heavy usage of astropy.units. It main purpose is to sanitize and uniformize hyperspectral cubes from FITS files that were made by careless astronomers, with header cards (FITS metadata) ranging from exotic to blatantly illegal.