Core library used by SDKs for IBM Cloud Services

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pip install ibm-cloud-sdk-core==3.1.0


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This project contains the core functionality used by Python SDK's generated by the IBM OpenAPI 3 SDK Generator (openapi-sdkgen). Python code generated by openapi-sdkgen will depend on the function contained in this project.


To install, use pip or easy_install:

pip install --upgrade ibm-cloud-sdk-core


easy_install --upgrade ibm-cloud-sdk-core

Authentication Types

There are several flavors of authentication supported in this package. To specify the intended authentication pattern to use, the user can pass in the parameter authentication_type. This parameter is optional, but it may become required in a future major release. The options for this parameter are basic, iam, and icp4d.


This indicates Basic Auth is to be used. Users will pass in a username and password and the SDK will generate a Basic Auth header to send with requests to the service.


This indicates that IAM token authentication is to be used. Users can pass in an iam_apikey or an iam_access_token. If an API key is used, the SDK will manage the token for the user. In either case, the SDK will generate a Bearer Auth header to send with requests to the service.


This indicates that the service is an instance of ICP4D, which has its own version of token authentication. Users can pass in a username and password, or an icp4d_access_token. If a username and password is given, the SDK will manage the token for the user. A icp4d_url is required for this type. In order to use an SDK-managed token with ICP4D authentication, this option must be passed in.


If you encounter an issue with this project, you are welcome to submit a bug report. Before opening a new issue, please search for similar issues. It's possible that someone has already reported it.

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This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.