programming language in Igbo

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pip install ibolang==0.0.2



Igbo is an indigenous language popularly spoken in Nigeria, Ibolang is a full extension of the Igbo language in Python.
With Ibolang, you can write and run python like programs in Igbo

Ibolang acts like python 3 and plays like python 3, it maintains all the python syntax and methods. user could use it to learn programming in their native language.


ibolang is highly user friendly, the following is a simple "HelloWorld" program

   deputa("Uwa Aloo")

running this, will diplay
     Uwa Aloo 

to console, which translated to English is "Hello World"

you can code more complex code by installing ibolang to your PC or by using the ibolang online IDE.

To run programs is as simple as:
 $ ibolang filename.ibl

from your preferred shell or command line

you can go through to the dictionary on:

to get an exhaustive list of all currently available commands and there English translation


If you'd like to play Ibolang with full features included, you should install Ibolang.

You could use pip or easy_install command to install Ibolang:

$ pip install Ibolang 


$ easy_install -U Ibolang

to use easy_install command, you should install distribute module for python 3 first:


And check your system path params if it contains python3.x/bin path.

ex: edit .bashrc to include "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.x/bin" in your PATH parameter.

For sytem running multiple version of python, you are better of using a virtual enviroment with Ibolang:

$ conda create -n Ibolang python==3.XX

		or using Virtualenv

$ virtualenv ibolang  

Lastly you can clone the repo using this url https://github.com/ORC-1/ibolang.git : navigate to the folder path and run python setup.py Copy the source files into your script folder, you should highly consider using a virtual enviroment if you are using this option and the previous options are better off

Change Log

You could view the ChangeLog to see what's new in these version.