Python package for analysing immune cell population in expressed genes

bioinformatics, immunology, gene, expression, microarray, reads
pip install icepop==1.3.8


ICEPOP (Immune CEll POPulation) is the method for estimating immune cell population in the expressed genes. It enable analysis of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) or raw expression data. These APIs and scripts will let you have a fine grained control on the data analysis lacking in the web version. On top of the core immune cell population deconvolution, it allows you to download the raw data from NCBI GEO gene expression database, normalize, and plot the data using command line interface.


ICEPOP is best installed via pip (highly recommended) or easy_install (older, but still works fine):

$ pip install icepop

To obtain the latest stable version into your python path:

$ pip install icepop==version

Where version numbering may looks like

You may also opt to use your operating system's package manager; the package is typically called icepop or python-icepop. E.g.:

$ sudo apt-get install icepop

Alternative access