ROP search and visualization plugin for IDA

database, ida, ida-plugin, rop-gadgets
pip install idarop==0.4.2


Idarop : a ROP database plugin for IDA

Idarop is an IDA plugin which list and store all the ROP gadgets presents within the opened binary. The codebase is vastly copied from the unmaintained IDA plugin idaploiter. However idasploiter is built to work at runtime (lifting IDA debugger API), whereas idarop is aimed for a more static approach.

While there is an incredible variety of ROP assisting tools (just grep ROP in that list), most of them just output the found gadgets in the console which makes storing and searching through them a hassle. idarop aims to capitalize on the idb file format (and IDA) to store ROP gagdets along RE informations (assembly annotations, type infos, etc.) :

Listing ROP Gadgets in a specific list view in IDA

Using IDA to view gadgets allows the user to take advantage of the "advanced" list filtering IDA provides : in the following picture, only gadgets having a 0xff opcode and less than 4 bytes are shown (and the ones touching esp are highlighted).

Filtering ROP Gadgets using IDA Filters Tool

NB : This plugin only works on x86 binaries.


idarop rely on ida-netnode to store found gadgets address in the .idb database. If netnode not installed, the ROP search results will just be discarded at IDA's exit.


idarop provides two shortucts :

  • Maj+R to list found ROP gadgets
  • Ctrl+Maj+R to do a new gadgets search (wipes previous results)

Searching ROP gadgets within IDA

( The search configuration and UI is copied and adapted from idasploiter)


idarop is on Pypi, so you can pip from it.

On Windows:

  • C:\Python27\Scripts\pip2.7.exe install idarop --install-option="--ida"
  • C:\Python27\Scripts\pip2.7.exe install idarop --install-option="--ida="6.9""

Ida is installed in the Program Files folder, so you need to run this command with Administrator rights.

Alternatively, you can clone the repo and type "C:\Python27\python.exe install --ida". idarop use a "clever" script to override the traditionnal distools install command to install the plugin in the correct IDA plugins directory.


Since this project is largely a ersatz of it, it would be criminal of me not to thanks Peter Kacherginsky for its work on idasploiter.