a class for compact alpha-numeric serial numbers with a check digit

serial, number, string, checksum
pip install idstring==1.0.0



Python module to create alpha-numeric serial number strings with a check digit, with smart incrementing.

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class IDstring generates (and checks) alphanumeric serial number strings with a checksum

It has been tested on Python 2.7 and Python 3.3.

It extends the built-in Unicode (str on Python 3) class using an ADD method which accepts the integer ONE. Adding 1 to an instance of the class will generate a new instance with an incremented value (and a new checksum).

So, in short, you can generate serial numbers like this:

serial = idstring.IDstring(seed='1Y3R9C')
while serial.startswith('1'):
    serial += 1

Gives a result series which starts with "1Y3R9CB" and loops 925,386 times, ending with:






Incrementation flows smoothly through the alphabet -- "9" increments to "A". Incrementing "Y" gives "0" and causes a carry to increment the next digit. If you run out of digits, a "1" is prepended to the string.

The "Luhn mod N" algorithm is used to add another digit (from the same alphabet) as a check digit.

The routine will automatically skip over patterns which contain substrings matching a list of "Dirty Words." The above example should have been expected to produce 95396 results, but skipped 10 objectionable values.

You can override the supplied alphabet and objectionable word lists.

You may supply an optional call-back function to assist in maintaining the persistence of the serial number sequence of multiple program runs.

The Luhn-N check digit will detect any single character substitution, any inversion of adjacent characters (except the first and last character in the alphabet: i.e. 0<->Y for the supplied default) and most other errors.

The default alphabet consists of [0-9] and [A-Y] dropping "I", "O", and "Q". The total of 32 symbols means that it also can operate as a binary to base-32 converter (Like Hexadecimal but with 5-bit binary subfields).

Provision is made for a fixed subfield (of user defined length) between the check digit and the incrementing field, so that multiple sites can produce non-overlapping series of numbers. This subfield and the check digit are included in the "dirty word" checking.

Installation uses the usual Python methods:

cd your-unzipped-directory
python install


pip install idstring