Given a name, imbdsearch queries IMDB and returns a list of movies that individual has appeared in

tag1, tag2
pip install imdbsearch==1.0



How to use imdb-actor-search cli

  1. Run the file in your command prompt. May need administrator permissions to run.
  2. Run imdb-actor-search program with imdbsearch

Python challenge for job application

Description: Write a command-line interface (CLI) tool that queries IMDB and allows a user to enter a movie star’s name and prints the list of movies that star has appeared in date order (oldest first) to the screen:

If more than one actor has that name, a menu should be returned allowing for selection of an individual based on available information

The CLI should allow for a reversal of order such that the newest films are first in the results list

The CLI developed as part of step one should have the option of sending the results to a well-structured JSON document

Publish your new Python package to automatically from Github when a new tag is pushed using a free CI/CD tool such as Travis/CircleCI"