Extension package for imgaug

augmentation, imgaug
pip install imgaug-extension==1.0.5


imgaug extended

This is an extension to imgaug, found at, which converts a set of input images into a new set of slightly altered images.

It adds three new augmentation implementations:

  • Color Transfer
  • Object Insertion
  • Polygons

Outputs examples of /example/ are:

Color Transfer

Color Transfer

Object Insertion

Object Insertion

Greyscaled Polygons

B&W Polygons

Channel-wise Polygons

RGB Polygons

Requirements and installation

pip install imgaug-extension

Required packages are imgaug and its dependencies, view the readme for imgaug for more information.

List of new augmenters

Augmenter Description
Color Transfer(I) Transfers the LAB colors taken from a random item in source images I (keys identify an image).
Object Insertion(I,L,S) Inserts a random image from a list of images, scaled down to size S at a random position within location L. The anchor of images is set to the center-bottom.
Polygon(P,V,C) Creates random polygons P with shape defined by V on an image, that alter pixels caught in a polygon. If C is not false, polygons may alter pixels channel-wise.