imgsync will download sync images from several distribution repositories and send them to an OpenStack Image service (Glance).

pip install imgsync==1.2.1


OpenStack Glance Image Synchronization tool

This application will download images from the official distribution repository, and upload them to OpenStack Glance. It is possible to define custom properties and prefixes for all the synced images.

Available distribution repositories

Currently the following images repositories are supported:





Install it via PyPI:

pip install imgsync

Or install it from the repo:

git clone
pip install imgsync


Copy /etc/imgsync/imgsync.conf.sample into /etc/imgsync/imgsync.conf and adjust it your your needs. Take into account the following:

  • You need to configure your OpenStack Keystone authentication under the [keystone_auth] section. The user should be able to publicize images in your glance deployment (check your policy file).

  • You can define a prefix to be used for all the distribution names with the prefix option.

  • Additionally you can add some custom image properties, using the properties option, that can be repeated multiple times for multiple properties.

  • The list of images to be downloaded is configured via the distributions option.

  • CentOS distributions define additional options to allow the download of all the published images, or just the latest one. This is configured in the [centos6] and [centos6] sections. This is not possible for Debian and Ubuntu.

Image properties

imgsync sets a property source=imgsync to all the images that donwloaded and synced. This way we can identify if an image is uploaded into glance by us or by anyone else. This property is hardcoded and cannot be reconfigured or replaced by something else. Other properties set by imgsync are are stored with the imgsync.prefix (like imgsync.sha256 or imgsync.sha512)

Nevertheless, it is also possible to define additional properties in the form "key=value" via the properties option in the configuration file (you can specify this option several times).

Therefore, it is important that you configure glance to enable the proper policy protection rules so that only the configured user is able to write those properties (i.e. at least source, imgsync.sha512 and imgsync.sha256). Moreover, you need to configure nova to exclude those properties when nova creates and uploads an snapshot to glance, via the non_inheritable_image_properties option in your /etc/nova/nova.conf configuration file (again, at least add source, imgsync.sha512 and imgsync.sha256).