CLI app to claim and create discounted accounts on the HIVE blockchain.

pip install infestor==0.1.5



Transmitter is a CLI tool for HIVE blockchain witnesses. It quickly allows you to enable/disable your witness or set some properties for the new witness_set_properties call introduced in Hard Fork 20.


$ pip install transmitter

Configuration (Optional)

If you don't want to repeat yourself while calling commands, create a configuration file on your user directory:

$ mkdir -p ~/.transmitter
$ touch ~/.transmitter/config.json

Fill it with the corresponding values:

    "NODES": [
    "WITNESS_ACCOUNT": "<your_witness_account>",
    "SIGNING_KEY": "<signing_key>",
    "ACTIVE_KEY": "<active_key>",
      "account_creation_fee": "3 HIVE",
      "maximum_block_size": 65536,
      "hbd_interest_rate": 0
    "URL": ""

All keys are optional. If you don't want to keep your signing key and active key in the config file, that's fine.

You can pass it to the commands in different ways:

  • Use --signing-key and --active-key params while running the tool.

That's the same with WITNESS_ACCOUNT and URL parameters.

DEFAULT_PROPERTIES has a special case. You can't pass it via CLI parameters or environment vars. If you don't fill that key, transmitter will use the latest props information belongs to your witness account in the blockchain.

Enabling the witness

If you want to enable your witness:

$ transmitter enable 

Disabling the witness

$ transmitter disable

Setting a new property

$ transmitter set --property account_subsidy_decay=128 --property account_subsidy_budget=2

You can send single or multiple parameters.

Price feed

$ transmitter publish_feed

Bonus: Installation with Docker

$ git clone
$ cd transmitter

Edit the config file as you wish:

$ vim config.json.docker 
$ docker build -t transmitter .

After that, you can run the transmitter like docker run -t transmitter <command>.


➜  transmitter git:(master) ✗ docker run -t transmitter disable
2018-10-08 19:14:20,326 - transmitter.main - INFO - Connecting to the blockchain using mainnet.
2018-10-08 19:14:21,007 - transmitter.main - INFO - Got the SIGNING_KEY in the config file.
2018-10-08 19:14:21,238 - transmitter.main - INFO - Got the WITNESS_ACCOUNT in the config file.
2018-10-08 19:14:21,403 - transmitter.main - INFO - Got the URL in the config file.
2018-10-08 19:14:21,403 - transmitter.main - INFO - Disabling the witness: <Witness emrebeyler>
2018-10-08 19:14:24,823 - transmitter.main - INFO - Operation broadcasted.


Even though, I use transmitter in my witness operations, it's strongly advised for you to review and audit the code before using it. This software may include bugs, use it at your own risk.